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Gundam 00
Gundam Wing (I'll search my whole house, if I have to, to find those DVDs!)
Ayashi No Ceres
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
Haibane Renmei (though I only have the last five episodes, so that kinda sucks)
Gasaraki (I'll steal it off my brother... I think he's the one who has it...)
BubbleGum Crisis

I HATE surprises

with fiery passion that few can fathom!

unless they hate surprises, too, I suppose. then I guess we're in the same boat.

after a long night of moping and eating excessive amounts of sugar cookies, I am rapidly recovering from the shock and surprise of when these people I don't know anything about, except that they're from my church and because I don't get there a lot, I'm like some kind of freaky charity case where people do pitifully obvious setups to get me in touch with the other youth, decided to come and sing me christmas carols!

and after I begged them not to, because I honestly had just gotten home from being out in the cold and was in the middle of eating dinner, except that the TV was on (with the surround sound hooked up, so the entire room was echoing) and I was therefore unable to play dead...


I just *HATE* when people just show up. it freaks me out.

I like phone calls beforehand, and a little warning.

heck, I wouldn't say no to a little prozac, even!

but no. there was no warning. and I've been obsessing about it.
all of last night. and all of this morning.

that being said, I'm officially declaring myself a freak. spread the word as best you can.

it hits the news tomorrow.

*sigh* okay, overly-melodramatic emo moment over.... go on with your business
on Friday's agenda:

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Gundam 00
Ayashi No Ceres
Fushigi Yuugi (if I can find it...)

updates to follow....

teeheehee... I love this avatar....

*does a happy dance*



with Gundam 00!!! *hugs computer and speaks in a very Roger Rabbit-esque voice* oh how I love thee. let me count the ways.... 1-1,000! 2-1,000! 3-1,000!!

okay, so I'm really not that bad. but you have to see this from my perspective -- I haven't watched a gundam anime since Gundam Wing first aired....

let the obsessive episode watching/drooling at the fight sequences/the inevitable badly written fanfiction begin! BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!

just wishing you....



so, I went to the dentist this morning, and it was this new person.
so she was really nice, right. I mean, she stopped to talk to me before we did, about how she knew I was nervous (because I'm naturally a very anxious person, and put me in a room with some guy I don't know sticking a needle and a drill in my mouth, and it tends to freak me out a little...). and I knew the dental assistant lady, so that was cool.

so they stick this awful tasting goo on my gums to numb them, and a few minutes later, they stick this giant needle in my mouth and give me two shots, and almost instantly my mouth starts to go numb.

but they must've used something different in that shot, or hit the nerve differently or something, because within like five minutes, the entire right side of my face started to go numb, including just below my eye, which has NEVER happened before. which seriously freaked me out.
especially when they wanted to do it on both sides...

*shivers* I HATE dentists....
damn indiana for being one of the 22 states without a zine library!

okay, so, in other news, I haven't checked my email(s) in a while, and I'm almost afraid to look and see what's there. mostly, it's newsletters from stores and such. occasionally, however, my sister sends me mail (which she hasn't actually done in a very long time -.- ). bleh. I have to call her.

oh, and I've found my new obsession!

*hugs computer* new AIM screen name

sweet internet, how I missed thee...

okay, so, my really, really, really big important news!

I FINALLY loaded trillian on my new computer!
and for the life of me, I can't remember my password for my brattyneko AIM account....
so I have a new screen name!

gone to Chicago; happy halloween all!

so, I meant to be on AIM last night, so I chat with people before I exit civilization for about a week and cut off all human contact, stuck in a hotel room out in a weirdo resort in Illinois. I really did, but I didn't have enough time. It was already nine before we got back, and we still have to finish packing and such, and we leave in an hour. soooooo.... yeah. it's looking slightly dismal.
not to mention that I had about 12 books that I was going to bring, but I had to cut that back.
it's about 6 books now, but I SWEAR they're all essentials. I couldn't leave without most of them, anyway, honest. ;P

so, the plan goes a little something like this: we leave at 6 (it's really 5am right now, but my computer refuses to give me the correct time, and is stubbornly one hour behind), and we'll spend the next five hours on the road. I got directions off of mapquest and rand mcnally, along with an atlas (because god knows how those sites like to screw with your head; I swear, they're in league with the gas companies!!!), I didn't get the halloween CD done, but I do have tunes for the trip, so other than the packing thing and the fact that I'm going to quickly go over the wood floor with a wax sealant (since we're going to be gone for a week anyway), everything's done.

we even took the dogs to the kennel.


yes, I am that pathetic that not having that little lump by my feet at night while I sleep, or come bounding over to me every time I walk into a room, is horribly depressing me.
what can I say? my world is very, very small.

anyway, if you want to contact me, you know where I'll be. not that it'll matter anyway, because you can get an email to any time, that has nothing to do with where I'll be.
it makes sense to me, honest.